VX-6 3-18x44mm (30mm) Side Focus CDS Illuminated Reticle

VX-6 3-18x44mm (30mm) Side Focus CDS Illuminated Reticle
VX-6 3-18x44mm (30mm) Side Focus CDS Illuminated Reticle

Product Information

Our VX-6 takes all the advantages of our Quantum Optical System and multiplies it times six. You get virtually every feature you can imagine—legendary ruggedness, stunning optics, and a huge 6x zoom ratio that shortens the distance to your next trophy. With a VX-6 atop your favorite rifle, the advantage is all yours.


  • 1/4 MOA Finger Click
  • 6:1 Zoom Ratio
  • Blackened Lens Edges
  • CDS Custom Dial System
  • DiamondCoat 2
  • Extreme Fast-Focus Eyepiece
  • Generous Eyebox
  • Lead Free
  • MST (Motion Sensor Technology)
  • Metric Finger Click (German #4 and FireDot 4)
  • Pop-Up Rezero Adjustments
  • Twin Bias Spring Erector System
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System

1/4 MOA precision finger click adjustments for windage and elevation offer absolute repeatability and dependability over a lifetime of extreme use.

A powerful 6:1 zoom ratio delivers crystal clear images from edge-to-edge throughout the entire magnification range, and the Twin Bias Spring Erector System features berylium/copper alloy leaf springs and 30% more holding force to withstand the most intense recoil and abuse.

Blackened lens edges reduce light diffusion, so more usable light reaches the shooter’s eye. This results in a brighter image with increased contrast.

Select models have CDS™ (Custom Dial System) elevation dials, which allow you to quickly dial your elevation to different sight-in ranges with a custom adjustment matched to your specific ballistics information.  Out of the box, you are ready to dial MOA corrections to hit targets at any distance, with support of your RX Series rangefinder, set up with your ballistics.  Order your free custom laser marked dial from the Leupold Custom shop with your exact ballistics and conditions.  Now just turn the dial to the range mark and shoot.

Exterior lens surfaces are treated with DiamondCoat 2™, an ion-assist lens coating, for higher light transmission and the greatest level of abrasion resistance we’ve ever offered. DiamondCoat 2™ has the additional advantage of assisting in light transmission, for greater brightness, clarity and contrast, and will prove its worth in the wildest places on earth.

The extreme fast-focus eyepiece ensures a generous eyebox, superior field of view, and optimal diopter adjustment in the field. Also includes a free Alumina rubber eyepiece guard.

Get on target faster so you can take the shot of a lifetime. Even at higher powers, the longer eye relief and generous eyebox provides incredible head position latitude, edge-to-edge brightness, and a full clear sight picture that fills the eyepiece completely.

Precision ground lenses feature lead/arsenic-free environmentally friendly glass compositions. It's a small step, but one in the right direction.

Proprietary MST (Motion Sensor Technology) automatically deactivates illumination after 5 minutes of inactivity, yet reactivates instantly as soon as any movement is detected. 

Precision metric finger click adjustments for windage and elevation adjust in increments of 1 centimeter at 100 meters and offer absolute repeatability and dependability over a lifetime of extreme use.

Pop-up re-zero finger click windage and elevation adjustments assure maximum adjustment range, precision and insant re-zeroing. The adjustment dials can be repositioned to align with the marked zero indicator of the adjustment without changing the adjustment setting of the scope.

The twin bias spring exerts up to 30 percent more holding force on the erector, virtually eliminating erector system backlash and stress on the vital internal workings of the scope, for longer life.

The Xtended Twilight Lens System™ optimizes the transmission of low-light wavelengths, so you see the details of low-light scenes in greater, brighter detail than with any other riflescope available.

VX-6 3-18x44mm (30mm) Side Focus CDS Illuminated Reticle Options

  • $1,689.99

    CDS - VX6 Dial System

    FireDot Duplex (Illuminated) Reticle

    Matte Finish

    Parallax: Side Focus

    SKU: 115003

  • $1,819.99

    CDS - VX6 Dial System

    Boone & Crockett (Illuminated) Reticle

    Matte Finish

    Parallax: Side Focus

    SKU: 115004

  • $1,819.99

    CDS - VX6 Dial System

    Varmint Hunter (Illuminated) Reticle

    Matte Finish

    Parallax: Side Focus

    SKU: 120161

No Longer Available for Purchase

More Product Info & Specs

Linear FOV (ft/100 yd) - Low 38.00
Eye Relief (in) - High 3.80
Linear FOV (m/1000 m) - Low 126.00
Linear FOV (ft/1000 yd) - High 68.00
Linear FOV (ft/1000 yd) - Low 378.00
Length (mm) 343.00
Windage Adjustment Range (MOA) 75.00
Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA) 75.00
Eye Relief (mm) - High 97.00
Linear FOV (m/100 m) - Low 12.60
Eye Relief (in) - Low 3.70
Eye Relief (mm) - Low 94.00
Objective Clear Aperture (in) 1.70
Weight (g) 544.00
Weight (oz) 19.20
Linear FOV (m/100 m) - High 2.30
Linear FOV (ft/100 yd) - High 7.00
Linear FOV (m/1000 m) - High 22.60
Length - A (in) 13.50
Length - A (cm) 34.30
Mounting Space - B (in) 5.40
Mounting Space - B (cm) 13.70
Illustration - C 1.30
Illustration - D 2.60
Eyepiece Length - E 3.30
Objective Length - F 4.80
Objective Diameter - G 2.10
Eyepiece Diameter - H 1.80
Tube Diameter- k (in) 1.18
Tube Diameter- k (mm) 30.00
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