Leupold Core Values

Be Relentless

We're relentless because you’re relentless. You don’t back down. You don’t give in. You keep going when others stop. No matter where you take us, on the battlefield, in competition, or on the hunt, we won’t let you down.


We Believe In...

A Square Deal

Our customer is always entitled to quality, value, and most of all, respect.

Iconic Passion

Our legendary passion inspires us to produce great things knowing that together we can achieve more than any of us individually.

Discipline to Innovate

Creativity, hard work, and perseverance uphold our legacy of innovation.

Field Savvy

We know what we’re doing because we are continually striving to be experts in our field.

Defend Our Ground

We defend our ground. We are steadfast and confident in our ability to take new ground.

True Collaboration

We communicate openly, with respect and candor, always doing what’s best for our customers, our team, and our company.

The Power of Diversity

We value our team’s unique perspectives and experiences within our culturally-rich workforce. We include all team members and promote an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Thoughtful Stewardship

We lead with purpose and intent. Above all, we are ardent in living up to our family values and creating a company future generations will be proud of.