The same spirit that made this country great goes into every Leupold scope. Each one is designed to outperform other scopes and it's tested like no other optic on Earth. It's built for a lifetime of performance, and we guarantee that forever.

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Every Leupold riflescope is waterproof, fogproof, and built for a lifetime of performance, guaranteed. Whether you’re hunting in thick timber, exploring the backcountry, or protecting our freedom on the battlefield, a Leupold riflescope won’t let you down.

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Shotgun & Muzzleloader

When the action is up close, you need to react in an instant. These scopes are designed to put you on target fast. From the incredible clarity and brightness in low-light situations to the wide field of view, you'll gain accuracy even at long ranges.

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With Leupold Handgun scopes you not only eliminate the need to focus on the front sight, you eliminate the inaccuracy of a handgun’s short sight radius. All that’s left is you, the crosshairs, and the game. These scopes can take a beating, too. They’re tested to the same harsh standards as every other Leupold scope.

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Long Range

Leupold long range riflescopes offer up to an 8x magnification range for precise long range target engagement. While maintubes with diameters up to 35mm give you unparalleled adjustment travel.

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Compact or Lightweight

Leupold Ultralight scopes weigh up to 26% less than their full size counterparts, yet retain all the performance characteristics you expect from a Leupold. These compact scopes are the ideal choice when you want to lighten the load.

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Tactical Scopes

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Red Dots

Leupold red dot sights are especially attractive for those seeking both zero magnification and a wide field of view. From handguns to ARs, shotguns to crossbows, and .22s to .458s, Leupold red dots deliver fast target acquisition, long battery life, automatic illumination and rugged dependability.

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Mil Systems

Leupold offers a wide variety of mil dot-equipped optics. From the traditional Mil Dot and TMR to assorted Horus reticles, Leupold has the right reticle for you, front focal or rear.

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