Optics Academy

Precision Scoped Rifle 1 (PSR-1)

This is the first course in our precision scoped rifle series.

In this course, you will learn the in-depth function of the optical system, proper mounting of a scope, set-up of the firearm system to the shooter and basic fundamentals of precision rifle marksmanship. You will also learn the basic skills needed to calculate long-range ballistics and how to build data for your system that can be adapted to varying atmospheric conditions. By the end of the course, you will know what makes a quality optic and what to look for when purchasing a scope for your rifle. Regardless of experience and skill level, this course is the perfect course to build the necessary foundation for long-range precision marksmanship and understanding the shooting system as a whole.

ITAR RESTRICTED – Must provide proof of US citizenship

Duration: 4 Days Course Price: $950

For more information, email: RegistrationLOA@Leupold.com


  • Optics Principles (Up to LO-6)
  • Basic Scoped Rifle Fundamentals
  • Mounting the optic to the shooter and the rifle
  • Utilizing the system (optic [including CDS]/rifle/ammo/shooter)
  • Low light / Failing light
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Intro to Density Altitude
  • Scoped Distance Drills
  • Data gathering and how this validates the Leupold CDS system
  • Intro to Alternate Shooting Positions and the importance of the “eye-trifecta”
  • Competition amongst the students

Required Gear

  • Reliable scoped rifle with bi-pod and sling (capable of 1 moa accuracy or better)
  • 400 rds (minimum) of match ammunition
  • Eye / ear protection (suppressors welcome)
  • Ballistics Software (iPhone: Ballistic AE, Droid or Galaxy: Shooter)
  • Cleaning / Maintenance gear
  • Note taking gear
  • Water / Snacks
  • Appropriate attire (no shorts or open toed shoes, long sleeves are recommended)
  • Range bag or pack to have gear online with you
  • Sand sock or rear bag

Optional Gear

  • Tripod with Hog Saddle (or variant)
  • Spotting Scope (these will be provided if you do not have one)

Rifles are available for rent, this needs to be coordinated prior to the course. 

Available Dates

  • March 13–16, 2018 (currently full) - Madras, OR
  • April 26-29, 2018 (currently full) - Madras, OR
  • May 31–June 3, 2018 (currently full) - Madras, OR
  • July 5-8, 2018 (currently full) - Madras, OR
  • July 26-29, 2018 (currently full) - Madras, OR
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