Leupold & Stevens, Inc., has announced the launch of the RX-Fulldraw 4, a game-changing new archery rangefinder that uses your personal ballistics, shot distance, and angle compensation to calculate laser-accurate ranges based on your specific gear. Using the acclaimed Archer’s Advantage software, the RX-Fulldraw 4 uses your arrow weight, velocity, and peep height to calculate extremely accurate ballistic solutions.

The latest addition to Leupold’s respected Fulldraw line, the RX-Fulldraw 4 comes packed with features that modern archers want in their laser rangefinder.

“Your bow is custom-built to suit you, so your rangefinder should be, too,” said Eric Overstreet, Product Line Manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “The RX-Fulldraw 4 is the very first rangefinder to offer archers a true custom ballistic solution. By accounting for weight, velocity, and peep height, it can calculate a shoot-to distance for both vertical bow and crossbow shooters. Archers know that even an inch can make a difference. The Fulldraw 4 is the rangefinder that will close that gap.”

The inclusion of Archer’s Advantage changes the game for any archer that needs to take a short-range, high-angle shot or extended-range, moderate-angle shot. Both are situations that competitive 3D archery shooters and hunters are well-familiar with.

Also included in the RX-Fulldraw 4 is Flightpath technology, which uses the same ballistic solution to determine if your arrow will clear obstructions between you and your target. Bow-specific settings, meanwhile, provide shoot-to distances out to 175 yards.

The RX-Fulldraw 4 also comes packed with all of the class-leading rangefinder features that Leupold is known for. Using a high-performance laser engine, it provides incredibly fast ranging speeds out to 1,200 yards on reflective objects, and 1,100 yards on trees. The RX-Fulldraw 4 delivers exceptionally bright and clear images with a high-light transmission OLED display, and makes ranging long distances easy with a 6x magnification.

Built to withstand anything you can, it’s 100 percent waterproof and extreme-climate tested with an easy-grip rubber armor and ergonomic housing design.

The RX-Fulldraw 4 laser rangefinder will be available to hunters and shooters in spring 2020.