Front Focal M-TMR (Illuminated)


Front Focal M-TMR (Illuminated)

Reticle Information

  • Expands on existing TMR reticle design
  • Utilizes hash marks instead of dots for increased ranging and hold-over precision
  • Features rapid acquisition ranging brackets for range estimation
  • Provides increased aiming points for greater ranging and shooting precision
  • 1 MIL is approximately 3.6 inches at 100 yards
  • Hash marks are spaced 0.5 MILs apart
  • Illuminated elements have been added for quick target acquisition in low-light situations
  • Non-caliber specific
  • Front focal reticles enables full function of the holdovers throughout the whole magnification range
  • Mil based systems are the current military standard

Detailed Reticle Info

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