Image of a hunter looking through a Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W Gen 2 RangefinderImage of a hunter looking through a Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W Gen 2 RangefinderImage of a hunter looking through a Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W Gen 2 Rangefinder

Packing the legendary prowess of the Mark family into slimmer maintubes, the new Mark 4HD series of scopes is crafted for shooters who prioritize both precision and adaptability in their equipment. Each model uses a 4:1 zoom ratio, which cuts down on weight and price, allowing you to outfit every rifle in your safe to cover a broad range of shooting scenarios. Not only do these scopes offer a sighting solution for tactical carbines, but they also serve as an affordable entry point into professional long-range optics.

Leupold & Stevens Mark 4HD Riflescope Leupold & Stevens Mark 4HD Riflescope Leupold & Stevens Mark 4HD Riflescope


At the heart of the Mark 4HD series is Leupold's Professional-Grade Optical System. This system guarantees exceptional clarity, light transmission, and color fidelity. The introduction of an advanced side focus allows for sharp, clear images from 25 yards all the way out past 1,000 yards, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. New oversized numbers on the M5C3 elevation dial are easy to see and a tactile ZeroLock windage dial guarantees secure, precise horizontal adjustments (on select models). Whether you're dialing in for a long-range shot or tracking a target in close quarters, you can count on the Mark 4HD to provide you with clear visuals and repeatable accuracy.


Embodying versatility, the Mark 4HD series offers five magnification ranges designed to cater to a wide array of shooting disciplines, from close-quarters to long-distance precision. Some models also offer the new PR3 reticle, inspired by the PR2's design, which offers a clean sight picture in ¼ MIL increments without the tree. With multiple reticle options in both MIL and MOA and the choice of illuminated models, the Mark 4HD series ensures every shooter, from LEOs to competitive marksmen, can find a riflescope that fits their needs.

The PR3-MIL FFP reticle gives you the same subtend measurements of the popular PR2 reticle without the extra gridded design, making it easier to engage targets fast without distraction.


Leupold's commitment to durability is evident in the Mark 4HD. Each scope in this series is built to withstand the rigors of the field with unwavering resilience and reliability. Waterproof, fogproof, and guaranteed for life if it ever fails, we will repair or replace it for free, without any questions asked. This resilience, combined with the lightweight design, makes the Mark 4HD a reliable companion for any environment.

Ready to experience the Mark 4HD for yourself? Explore the entire series below and find the perfect model for your setup.



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