Hunting is a way of life for Leupold athlete Jon Gabrio. With an early season limited-entry rifle elk tag in his pocket, Jon set out to some of the most scenic country Wyoming has to offer in hopes of finding a mature bull. Follow along on the hunt in our newest Leupold Original, River's Bend.


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Seeking Adventure

By Jon Gabrio

Adventure. I think that sums up this hunt more than any other word. A good friend of mine, Ron Niziolek and I have had numerous conversations about elk hunting over the years. I’ve looked up to him as not only a great elk hunter, but a mentor with the success he’s had in the elk woods. Always overcoming his own battles with his bad back but managing to find a way to keep going and find success. That’s inspiring to me.

We had a call discussing this particular hunt and what I was trying to seek out as an end result. To me, it wasn’t about killing a giant bull. That was just a bonus if it happened. It was about seeing beautiful country, seeking out a place I had never set foot in and having a challenge along the way during the hunt. Ron asked if I was afraid of grizzly bears. While I probably should have answered yes after hearing some of his stories, they didn’t factor as something that would keep me out of the woods...

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Gear Used On The Hunt

  1. $19.99

Additional Gear List:

  • Rifle: RBros Custom Built Apex Hunter 7 SAUM with Proof Research Barrel, Jewell Trigger, Manners Stock, Harris Bipod
  • Ammo: Handloaded – Norma Brass, Berger 7mm VLD Hunting 180gr, Reloder 26 powder
  • Game Calls: Phelps Game Calls Renegade Bugle Tube, Smith Signature, Maverick Diaphragms
  • Clothing: First Lite Corrugate Pants, Klamath Hoodie, Uncompahgre Jacket
  • Boots: Crispi Wyoming 2 GTX
  • Pack: Kifaru Ultralight Frame with Muskeg 7000 bag and Guide Lid
  • Knife: Benchmade Altitude
  • GPS: iPhone with OnX Maps

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