New Mexico has established an excellent reputation for quality elk hunting. The population of bulls is high, and some trophy bulls can be found if you know where to look. Join Jason Phelps, Dirk Durham, and Jon Gabrio of Phelps Game Calls as they head south to big bull country to pursue monster elk in the four-part limited series, NEW MEXICO. 


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Gear Used On The Hunt

Built with the bowhunter in mind, the new RX-FullDraw 4 gives you the advantage you need to tag out with your bow. And with 1/2-yard angle-compensated accuracy, Archer's Advantage software, and Flightpath technology, there's no second-guessing your distances or your shot selection.

Built for epic adventures in harsh environments, the BX-5 Santiam HD binocular dominates other optics in its class. It's the perfect glass anyone who demands professional-grade performance. Backed with our full lifetime guarantee, the BX-5 Santiam HD is the only binocular you’ll ever need.

Keep your optics fully secured inside our new and improved Pro Guide Binocular Harness 2. It's made in America and tough enough to withstand the harshest backcountry conditions. The soft fleece lining makes removing and replacing your binos silent and smooth, while a no-buckle magnet closure provides easy one-handed access without giving away your position.

This compact, two-step Lens Pen has a natural hair brush, which is fully retractable for protection when not in use. The microfiber cleaning tip automatically replenishes itself with a state-of-the-art dry cleaning compound.

Whether you need all-day performance in the backcountry or a clear image at the range, the SX-5 Santiam® HD will deliver at the highest level. And like all Leupold® spotting scopes, it's guaranteed for life.

Manufactured as a one-piece aluminum bugle tube, the Phelps METAL balances the elk hunters' demand for a weight-conscious, compact design and the ability to project loud, crisp calls. The aluminum construction provides more sound than plastic and is engineered to meet the frequency of bull elk. With the option of our flared or the external mouthpiece, all levels of calling ability are covered. The bugle has been sandblasted, anodized black, and wrapped in a closed-cell neoprene sleeve to eliminate glare and unwanted noise.

The 44 Mag grabs all the best features from the Kifaru lineup. The main compartment (3390 c.i. / 72.1L) is accessed by 4 burly #10 YKK zippers, a matched pair up top and one at the bottom on either side. The back panel has a hydration sleeve and a Pals webbing field up top, just below our chamber pocket. This bag may not be the largest in the line up, but it is a beast that can morph to fit many roles. Its built-in organization and potential to be modified means it can handle any adventure into the backcountry.

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Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls waited 10 years to draw a coveted Wyoming public land elk tag. But he made one mistake before the hunt. He made a bet with Dirk Durham (The Bugler) earlier in the year about who would sell more elk calls... Jason lost. So here he is living up to his bet, hunting rut crazed bull elk in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming dressed up as Hulk Hogan.

Built with the bowhunter in mind, the new RX-FullDraw 4 gives you the advantage you need to tag out every season. By combining lightning-fast ½ yard accuracy with the acclaimed Archer’s Advantage™ software, the RX-FullDraw 4 is the most ballistically advanced archery rangefinder on the market.