Leupold teamed up with KUIU Conservation Direct, Arizona Game and Fish, Wild Society, and Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society to successfully translocate 82 sheep within the state of Arizona.

The total cost of this project in Arizona was $164,000. All costs associated with the transplants were 100% company and customer funded by KUIU, Leupold, and Wild Society. The Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society acted as the bank for the entire transaction to prove full financial transparency.
KUIU customers were given the opportunity to participate through full or partial purchase of the 40 GPS collars used during the project. Customers purchased 23 of the 40 collars, and the other 17 were purchased by KUIU, Leupold, and Wild Society

“Without hunting, you would not have conservation. This was a tremendous opportunity for us to get our feet on the ground and our hands dirty, and do something directly with Arizona Game and Fish”

– Leupold’s CEO Bruce Pettet

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