Show Notes

Brian “Pigman” Quaca is known and loved throughout the outdoor industry for his powerful and truly one-of-a-kind personality. For years, he’s given viewers a different take on traditional hunting television. Whether it’s the hog hunting he’s known for or big game animals throughout the American southwest, Quaca presents his adventures in a way no one else can.

Pigman is also a dedicated fan of the Leupold brand and one of our original Pro Team members. He’s put our riflescopes – which are proudly designed, machined, and assembled right here in Beaverton, Oregon – to use in the field for years. He even paid our Beaverton factory a visit recently and took the time to sit down and chat with our President and Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Pettet.

Chief among the topics of discussion: American manufacturing and what it means to Brian and his viewers alike. Check out this latest episode of the Leupold Core Insider podcast to learn more about what’s next for Pigman, learn intimate details about his recovery from his 2014 automobile accident, and be entertained by one of the very best in the business.