Show Notes

Hunting mature bull elk in the late season is no small feat. First you’ve got to find them, with nary a bugle, and then you’ve got to successfully stalk them – and with wintering elk herd numbers often being measured by the dozens, there are an awful lot of eyes you have to avoid in the process.

The western regions of New Mexico – a state known for trophy bulls and its rugged terrain – provide an ideal hunting ground for such a venture. By mid-November the bulls are herding back up for the winter as the rut becomes an afterthought. To hunt them – and even to find them – you’re going to need great glass and be willing to put miles on your boots. The reward, though, is an unparalleled elk hunting opportunity.

Leupold’s Shawn Skipper recently joined friends and colleagues from across the outdoor industry for a New Mexico elk adventure. After the hunt was done, they sat down to discuss the week’s events and the new SX-5 Santiam HD spotting scope, BX-5 Santiam HD binoculars, and the VX-6HD riflescope. Join Shawn, Kali Parmley of Petersen’s Hunting, Jon Draper of NRA’s American Hunter, and Jason Gilbertson of Browning Ammo for this latest episode of the Leupold Core Insider Podcast.