Show Notes

The number of women going afield to hunt is on the rise. In fact, according to National Geographic, the total number of female hunters grew by 25 percent from 2006 to 2011. As interest in hunting has grown, so has the popularity of outreach events like Ladies Hunting Camp.

The camp, which teaches women skills like firearm training, archery, tracking and calling, and skinning, attracts students from across the U.S. who want to learn everything there is about hunting. Leupold Strategic Partnerships Manager Riza Lesser recently had the opportunity to attend one of the camps and sat down with Candy Yow, who runs the Ladies Hunting Camp each year, as well as students Melinda and Sierra.

Candy, who is an avid hunter, saw many of her friends stay home while their husbands would head out hunting. She felt that while perhaps her friends wanted to go along, they simply didn’t know how to hunt and were looking for a way to learn the basics. Candy started the Ladies Hunting Camp to teach women hunting fundamentals, as well as outdoor survival tactics. One of her favorite parts of the camp, though, has to be the campfire night, where attendees share personal stories of challenge and growth, bringing the entire group closer together.

Candy partners with a handful of companies and organizations who help make the camp possible each year, including Leupold. The Oregon Hunters Association (OHA) also donated 4 of the 5 scholarships available to women who couldn’t otherwise afford to attend the camp. Much like Ruth Leupold, who helped influence our rifle scope product line, the Ladies Hunting Camp continues to influence the next generation of hunters. To learn more about the event and to sign up for 2019 visit click here.