Show Notes

Hunting seasons have, in many states, officially arrived. Elk, deer, and other ungulates across the nation are being pursued by the ever-relentless hunters that have been counting down the days. Now is the time that the scouting, training, and preparation of summer 2018 begin to get put to the ultimate test.

Being ready for your big game hunt requires a great many things, and physical preparation is a key piece. Being fit for any hunt is important - even more so on the backcountry adventure of a lifetime. The same goes for staying fueled when afield. The folks at MTN Ops, maker of outdoor performance supplements, know that better than anyone - which is why we were excited to host their Jordan Harbertson on the latest edition of the Leupold Core Insider podcast.

Also on board for this episode is Brian Call of the Gritty Podcast. Brian grew up in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and spent his childhood roaming the woods with family and friends, embracing the same outdoor lifestyle that Leupold’s consumers have long enjoyed. The Gritty Podcast was launched as a vehicle to share his love of hunting and of wild places—to help unite hunters and non-hunters alike so that we might preserve the animals we all love and a way of life that we cherish.

Join Jordan and Brian, as well as Leupold's own Lucas Burt and Scott Rousseau and embrace your inner drive to conquer more as another hunting season kicks off.