Show Notes

There are few out there who know as much about whitetail deer as the Drury’s, so when Mark Drury stopped by the Leupold factory in June, we couldn’t have been more excited to give him the inside scoop on how our scopes make whitetail deer hunting that much better. It was Mark’s first time at the factory, so Bruce, Leupold President and CEO, gave him a tour of the manufacturing floor, where he learned that there are over 200 individual parts that go into one scope, which are all made right here in the USA. They also checked out the Punisher room, where our scopes are relentlessly tested. Each design goes through 5,000 impacts, where each impact has 3x the recoil of a .308. The scope’s accuracy and performance are verified throughout the process.

Next, Mark visited the underground, 100-yard shooting tunnel where he tried out our new VX-Freedom line of gold ring scopes. What stuck out most to him was that the same level of craftsmanship goes into all of our products, no matter their price point. And the Freedom line of scopes is as versatile as they come. We designed a model for everyone. In addition to our standard magnification ranges, you can also choose between an AR15 scope, a Muzzleloader scope, a Scout scope, a Rimfire scope, and a 450 Bushmaster scope. You'll even be able to get a VX-Freedom complete with our Custom Dial System (CDS). And they all use our Twilight Light Management System, which is designed to help you see more in less light. While other hunters are packing it in because they think shooting light has come and gone, our proprietary light management system lets you take advantage of the first and last 15 minutes of shooting light. It also reduces glare, improves contrast, and increases light transmission, so you can take advantage of the entire day. And, if there’s anyone who knows about time management, it’s Mark Drury. After all, with 39 TV shows produced in just 3 months, and a crew of 45 people, he has to dominate every minute of the day.

On top of their busy filming schedule, the Drury team is also developing a whitetail deer app for mobile devices that will let users “forecast” a deer herd (aptly named DeerCast), predicting how they are going to move 5-10 days out. The Drury’s inject education into everything they do, which is why we couldn’t be prouder to welcome them to the Leupold family.