Show Notes

Mountain hunting guides live enigmatic lives - often spending months in the field, but rarely getting to hunt for themselves. Nolan Osborne set out to change that earlier this year, joining his friends for an unforgettable adventure into the mountains of British Columbia in pursuit of one of North America's most elusive game animals: Rocky Mountain goats. Nolan's first personal mountain hunt delivered frigid temperatures, record snowfall, and perilous terrain - and it was all caught on film.

Their journey has been chronicled in the short film "Toeing the Line" by the Journal of Mountain Hunting. Leupold President and CEO Bruce Pettet and Leupold Digital Content Specialist Scott Rousseau recently had the opportunity to sit down with Osborne and Adam Janke, both contributors to the Journal of Mountain Hunting, to discuss the film. Janke and Osborne shared details on their unforgettable expedition into the mountains, where the odds were firmly stacked against them.

Watch the full film here.