Embark on a backcountry adventure with Shane Zimmerman, our 2022 #ProjectHunt winner, as he sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream of harvesting an elk with his bow. With a coveted premium archery elk tag in hand, watch as he puts his skills and determination to the test in his home state of New Mexico. Get ready for close encounters and heart-pounding action in our latest Project Hunt film.

2023 Project Hunt Winners Announced!

Every hunter has a story worth telling and we want to tell yours. After reviewing hundreds of applications for Project Hunt 2023, we couldn't decide on just one winner - so we chose THREE.

Cody Austin - Wyoming Elk
Justin Downes - Alaska Brown Bear
Ryan Haight - Colorado Elk Muzzleloader

Congratulations to Cody Austin, who will be navigating the rugged Wyoming wilderness on horseback in search of elk, Justin Downes, who will be headed on a once-in-a-lifetime brown bear hunt in Alaska, and Ryan Haight, who will be looking to harvest his first elk after drawing a premium muzzleloader tag. Our team will be there for every hunt documenting their stories and will bring them to your screens in the Fall of 2024.

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New Mexico has established an excellent reputation for quality elk hunting. The population of bulls is high, and some trophy bulls can be found if you know where to look. Join Jason Phelps, Dirk Durham, and Jon Gabrio of Phelps Game Calls as they head south to big bull country to pursue monster elk in the four-part limited series, NEW MEXICO.

Let's face it, elk hunting is hard. But sometimes we make it harder than it has to be because we're not doing enough homework before the season starts. To be successful at elk hunting, the first thing you need to do is find the elk. To do that, you need to understand their needs during each phase of the hunting season and where they go to satisfy those needs.