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The Drury's Are Relentless

5 Things You Didn’t Know About America’s Favorite Whitetail Hunters

Founded in 1989 by Mark and Terry Drury, Drury Outdoors has grown exponentially since filming its first-ever featured production three decades ago. The Drury family and brand have become household names across the outdoor industry – known first and foremost for the bruiser whitetail bucks that they harvest each year – and currently share their adventures across a bevy of television shows.

While you might already know a lot about this hunting family, here are five things you might not have known about America’s most well-known whitetail hunters. And if you want to dig even deeper, check out our Core Insider Podcast.

1. They filmed their first-ever feature on a Panasonic AG450

It’s entirely possible that some of the people that read this won’t know what a Panasonic AG450 is – but the Drury’s have been at this game long enough that it’s how Mark and Terry filmed their very first production, “King of the Spring,” back in 1989. The now long-outdated video camera did its job, however, and the foundation was set for what would go on to become a whitetail hunting empire – which fans might not have seen coming since, as its name suggests, “King of the Spring” was centered on turkey hunting.

2. They don’t consider themselves professional hunters

Despite the reputation and fame from their relentless pursuit of their hunting passion, the Drury’s don’t consider themselves professional hunters. Instead, they’d sooner be known as professional land managers. The resources and hard work they pour into their hunting properties is what helps them produce the jaw-dropping mature bucks that become characters unto themselves on the television shows.

3. They have their own App

That’s right – the Drury’s have gone mobile. The brand recently launched its DeerCast App, which combines your local weather information with the distinct characteristics of each of the THIRTEEN phases of whitetail season to deliver a custom forecast for peak deer activity wherever you hunt. It’ll give you reports down to the hour, and the algorithm interprets 11 key conditions that Mark and Terry have personally identified as key to deer movement. Best yet: It’s free for iOS or Android for a limited time.

4. Their mother was instrumental in introducing them to hunting

Mark and Terry came from a hunting family – but their father, Ralph, often worked late hours to provide for the family. That made their mother, Lucille, instrumental in helping to foster their love for the outdoors. She helped teach them to skin small game, and would often drop the boys off on their hunting grounds in the morning, and retrieve them at the end of the day before dad returned home.

5. They get skunked, too

Yes, the entire Drury clan has access to substantial parcels of private land that the family intensively manages to help produce the enormous whitetail bucks that they’re famous for. Hunting, though, is still hunting. No matter how much land you have or how it’s managed, mature bucks can and will find a way to beat you. Terry Drury once told Grand View Outdoors that it took him until his 60th day afield one season to score his first harvest with a bow. That is nearly two months in a tree stand before he found success. So remember, hunting takes dedication and hard work – even if you know where the deer are at.

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