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Gun Rack: Josh B.

Big Sky Country Bound

Is Disneyland really the happiest place on earth? It's definitely debatable. Ask any hunter worth their weight in salt, and I'm sure you'll get numerous answers that don't involve large cartoon mice running around. You'll get answers like Wyoming, New Mexico, Alaska, Canada...and definitely Montana. Montana is one of those fabled destinations that resides on many hunters' bucket lists. Its unique terrain, abundant game, and postcard views make it a dream hunting destination.

Josh B. knows this all too well. He’s spent 5+ years putting all the right pieces together to make this year's Montana mule deer hunt a reality. And there’s no better excuse to build a new gun than a once in a lifetime journey. At least that’s how he sold it to his wife.

This .308 rifle was built with the rugged backcountry of Montana in mind. Weighing in at just under 9lbs, Josh made sure that it was as packable as it was accurate. He started off with an Iota Kremlin stock. This stock combines carbon fiber, high-strength composites, and internal aluminum pillars to deliver performance that’s as at home on the hunt as it is on the range. When asked about the ergonomics, Josh said, “I really like how it feels. The angles fit me perfectly.”

But it doesn’t matter how light a rifle is if you can’t hit anything. Josh took no chances by selecting a Defiance Deviant Tactical action. These 700 clone actions are renowned for their accuracy, precision, and buttery smooth feel. Connected to the action is a Proof Research 18” carbon fiber wrapped barrel with a sendero contour. This decision was key to keeping the weight down, while still maintaining deadly accuracy - not to mention they look sweet, which if we’re being honest, is definitely important in a custom build.

A Timney 517, fully adjustable trigger and a Pacific Tool and Gauge bottom metal round out the rifle. On the end of the barrel sits a Patriot Valley Arms Rocket Scientist brake. This one specifically directs the muzzle blast away from the shooter, optics, and your spotter next to you, all while reducing recoil and making follow-up shots that much quicker. Money well invested for sure.

Atop this beautiful rifle sits our VX-5HD 3-15x44 with a FireDot Duplex Reticle and locked down by our Backcountry Aluminum Cross-slot Rings. This scope hits that “sweet spot” magnification range, for sure. At 3x you have a wide field-of-view in heavy brush areas, while the 15x takes care of any longer distance shot that may present itself. Definitely a key to being successful in areas like Montana that have varied terrain. Plus it has our Twilight Max HD Light Management System, which helps any shooter see more in less light, so Josh can make sure he takes advantage of all the time he has in big sky country.

Build List

Stock - Iota Kremlin - $530.00

Action - Defiance Deviant Tactical - $1330.00

Barrel - Proof Research Carbon Fiber Sendero .308 - $830.00

Trigger - Timney 517 - $131.00

Bottom Metal - Pacific Tool & Gauge - $125.00

Muzzle Break - Patriot Valley Arms - $135.00

Bi-pod - Harris - $105.00

Pod Lock - KMW - $25.00

Rings - Leupold Backcountry Cross-Slot - $70.00

Scope - Leupold VX-5HD 3-18x44 FireDot Duplex - $1000.00

Build Total - $4,281.00

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