Show Notes:

Nearly four decades ago Sorinex was founded with the courage, and the mission, to do something different and better than ever before. Today, Sorinex is the leading innovator in American Made strength and conditioning equipment for professional teams, colleges, high schools, and military bases.

Sorinex CEO, Bert Sorin, grew up steeped in the business his dad started in 1980 and spent over two decades as a competitive athlete in the strength sports arena. As a former Division 1 Track & Field All-American and lifelong outdoorsman with years of training experience, Bert sat down with Leupold's Michael Baccellieri to discuss the importance of both physical and mental exercise to provide the best chance for survival and success in the outdoors.

Subjects Discussed: Made in America brands with a similar story; bedtime hunting stories; overcoming fears with rewards; how human performance applies to the outdoors; creating innovations from personal problems; Bert's superpower; building an adult summer camp; and more.