Show Notes

Opening and securing public access is a key component of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s mission. Since 1984, RMEF has opened, secured or improved public access to more than 1.2 million acres of elk habitat across the country for hunters, hikers, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. Leupold CEO, Bruce Pettet, sits down with RMEF CEO, Kyle Weaver, and long-time elk hunter (and RMEF member), Randy Newberg, to talk about the future vision of RMEF, the work being done to secure more public access, and the success of the first-annual RMEF Elk Camp/Mountain Festival in Park City, UT.

Subjects Discussed: Building generational value; mixing the old with the new; Randy's first Leupold scope; accessing the 9 million acres of public land that are landlocked; focusing on quality elk habitat; and more.