Show Notes

No one is born knowing how to shoot. It’s true that some of the industry’s best competitive shooters can probably chalk some of their success up to genes or natural talent, but skill is refined through hours of dedication and hard work. You’ve got to be ready to roll out of bed at 5 a.m., slam that first cup of coffee and get after it. For Josh Lowry (@pdx_patriot on IG) that means putting in at least an hour of dry-fire practice in his garage before he heads out the door to help people choose the right gun or accessory for them at Oregon Rifleworks.

In this episode the Leupold Core Insider Podcast, our own Nic Kytlica sits down with Josh to talk about what motivates him on a daily basis, and their love for shooting and training. Josh isn’t a professional shooter, an Instagram celebrity or an instructor - he’s just an average guy who’s committed to making himself better on a daily basis. Listen in as we explore his past and unique journey to where he is now and what might lie ahead.