Show Notes

Hunters never stop learning, never stop growing – even after decades in the field. There’s always a new strategy to try and a new tactics to master. Or, in some cases, an entirely new medium to adopt. That was the case for Leupold’s Lucas Burt and Riza Lesser, who decided to use Oregon’s fall 2018 archery elk season as their entryway into the ever-challenging world of bowhunting.

Both parties have been hunting for years – having chased big game across the west and, in some cases, around the world. When it comes to hunting with a bow, however, they’re rookies through and through. And just like many amateurs, there are certain things you have to experience before the lessons are learned. Even so, it didn’t deter them from spending three days chasing elk in Eastern Oregon – nor did it stop them from getting on a trophy bull during the final day of the hunt, which culminated in an 11th hour push to get within shooting range before the sun set on their first ever bow hunt.

Relive their experience – and get a few tips from first-timers, for first-timers – in this latest edition of the Leupold Core Insider podcast.