Hold Dead On. Hit Dead On. Precise bullet drop compensation with the Leupold Custom Dial System. Leupold’s Custom Dial System® (CDS®) helps you easily compensate for bullet drop and make ultra-quick adjustments on the fly. We’ll customize your scope’s elevation dial to match your exact load, velocity, and conditions for unprecedented precision. Once you range your target, simply turn the dial to the correct position, aim dead on, and squeeze the trigger.

High Quality Standard

Leupold elevation and windage adjustments offer unmatched repeatability and dependability for a lifetime of extreme use.

Custom Dials

You know your rifle, riflescope, load, and ballistics. Now you can have custom Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) dials made especially for your Leupold riflescope.

Dead-on Hits, Every Time, Without the Holdover

Every CDS dial features ¼-MOA click increment finger adjustments and no adjustment covers to lose, making the VX-2, VX-3, VX-3L, VX-6 and VX-R even more accurate and rugged.

The CDS System works by laser-inscribing your scope’s elevation dial to match your load, velocity and conditions. Your scope will be in perfect synch with the way your rifle and load shoots, even for hand loads.

Each CDS dial is unique, taking all practical ballistic and environmental factors into account

  • Cartridge & Caliber
  • Bullet Weight
  • Bullet Make/Brand
  • Bullet Type
  • Ballistic Coefficient
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Average Elevation
  • Average Temperature
  • Sight Height
  • Zero Distance

CDS Advantages

  • Swap dials quickly by loosening set screws.
  • Match dials with specific loads for maximum accuracy.
  • Precision ¼-MOA click increment adjustment.
  • No adjustment covers to lose.
  • One revolution stops available for custom dials.
  • Use in tandem with Leupold’s RX rangefinder family for unmatched long-range precision.

Get your hands on a Leupold Custom Dial System

Every CDS riflescope comes out of the box with standard ¼-MOA click adjustment dials. Upgrade to a custom engraved CDS dial for only $70* (All CDS, Mark AR, and VXR Patrol models include a coupon redeemable for one free CDS dial.)

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