If you’ve ever hunted in the woods or competed in a 3D archery competition, you know how rare clear shots can be. That’s where Flightpath technology comes in. Available in our RX-FullDraw 4 (FD4) and RX-FullDraw 5 (FD5) models, Flightpath technology helps determine if your arrow will clear obstructions between you and your target out to a typical distance of 85 yards.

This technology can save you a lot of arrows and boost your confidence when it comes to taking the shot of a lifetime. Let’s see how it works.

Available in both the FD4 and FD5, Mid mode presents a Flightpath indicator representing the halfway point of your arrow’s path. So, if you were a competitive archer ranging a target at 80 yards, the mark would denote the height of your arrow at 40 yards. Armed with that information, you'd be able to navigate obstructions more accurately along the entire trajectory of your arrow. This mode is great for 3D archers who have more time to dissect each shot. 

The new 20-yard mode, which is now the default setting for Flightpath in the FD5, provides a Flightpath indicator signifying where your arrow will be at 20 yards. In this mode, objects visible under the tick mark could potentially get in the way of your shot. That makes it perfect for finding shooting lanes from cover. On most hunts, whether you’re in a blind or stalking prey, this 20-yard mode will give you the data you need to land fast, clean hits.

Example of an archer shooting at a 40-yard target.

In the above scenario, the shooting lane appears to be open and unobstructed, but it isn’t. The arrow will collide with the branch at 20 yards, never making it to the target. To put it simply, if there's anything between the rangefinder’s reticle and the Flightpath indicator, it may not be a clear shot.