If you’ve hunted in the woods at all, you know that you rarely have a completely clear shot. That’s where Flightpath technology in the new RX-FullDraw 4 comes in. An indicator on the rangefinder’s display will show you the highest point of your arrow’s trajectory, so you’ll know whether or not that tree branch in the distance is worth worrying about.


Our Flightpath technology can save you a lot of arrows and boost your confidence when it comes to taking the shot of a lifetime. Let’s take a look at how it works.

When you range with your RX-FullDraw 4, an illuminated mark appears in the display indicating your arrow’s maximum height of travel, this is your Flightpath indicator. If an obstruction, like a branch, is above the Flightpath indicator, then you know your arrow will fly under it. But if the branch is at or below the Flightpath indicator, then your arrow could deflect off the branch on its way to the target. It’s that simple.

Example of an archer shooting at a 50-yard target.

In the above scenario, the shot appears to be open and unobstructed, but it isn’t. The arrow will reach its highest point when it is half-way to the target and collide with the branch. Simply put, if there is an obstruction between the crosshair of your rangefinder and the Flightpath indicator, you may not have a clear shot.

Flightpath is highly effective for shots out to 50 yards, however, when shooting longer distances, archers will need to account for parallax when identifying obstructions in the first half of the shot distance.