Get out and shoot, have fun, but also improve your skills. Steel makes a great target but paper always tells the truth. August is National Shooting Sports Month and we've collected some paper targets from a few of our Leupold Core Athletes to enhance your next range day. Put your skills to the test and see what you need to work on with the downloadable targets below.


The standards target was created to gauge your performance first thing in your training and at the end. We don't get to warm up in real life situations so this should be shot cold, meaning no warm up. Suggested distance is 5 meters. As with anything, once you have increased proficiency, go ahead and move back to 7m or even 10m if you can. If you miss, you fail, so be accountable for your rounds. 9 seconds or faster is passing. Ensure proper progress in your training. Getting complacent or comfortable keeps us stagnant. Always strive to get better.

  • From the holstered position, hands off of gun at sides, on signal draw and engage left or right 6" x 3.5" rectangle with 5 rounds.
  • Transition to other rectangle and engage with 5 rounds.
  • Perform slide lock reload and engage center circle with 3 rds.
  • Perform drill with 10 rd magazine first, 3 rd magazine second, and have a full mag prepared to get gun back up after drill.
  • Once drill is completed, ensure you perform another slide lock reload to get your gun up and scan your sector/threat area.


What exactly is a “cold start?” In reality, it’s any drill that you decide to do as soon as you show up to the range that has a definable time standard and can measure your performance. No warm ups, no dry-runs… just posting up the target, jam your mags and get after it. It’s all too easy to gain a false sense of security when you do a drill five times in a row to get it right. Outside of the confines of your range, there is no “bad run.” It’s either you perform to the high standard you’ve practiced, or face the dire consequences.

The Runenation Cold Start is a low round-count drill that focuses on low/high probability targets, focal shift, reloading, recoil management and can be easily modified to enhance your cognitive processing abilities.

  • Magazines are staged as (1) of 8 rounds, (1) of 8 round, and (1) full.
  • When you receive slide/bolt lock at the end of the drill, perform another reload so as to not get into the mindset of leaving the gun empty.
  • On the buzzer/start draw or mount and fire 1 round into any of the low-probability shapes.
  • Immediately transition to the high-probability logo circle and fire 3 rounds.
  • Move to the next low-probability shape of your choosing and fire 1 round. Move back to the high-probability logo circle and fire 3 more rounds.
  • Repeat until all 4 shapes have 1 round and the logo circle has a total of 12 rounds. Reload as necessary.
  • Most importantly, have fun and set a standard for yourself! Tag #runethecoldstart to be featured on Instagram


Dialing for long-range shots is fairly straight forward, but sometimes using the hold-over features in your reticle is faster and more practical. This Leupold precision hold-over target developed by Max Ordinate Academy will help you hone those hold-over skills so you have them when you need them.

This target is intended to be used at 100 yards. Once you confirm zero, use the key below to figure out your holds. For instance, target 3 calls for a 1.5 MIL hold-over. Find the 1.5 MIL mark on the vertical post of your reticle and place it in the middle of the black diamond target and shoot. Your round should be in the #3 target circle.

Repeat and use the key to really get a feel for your reticle and see how quick and accurate you can shoot using hold-overs.

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