VX-3i 6.5-20x40mm EFR CDS Target

VX-3i 6.5-20x40mm EFR CDS Target
VX-3i 6.5-20x40mm EFR CDS Target

Product Information

Purpose built with the target shooter in mind, the VX-3i 6.5-20x40 EFR is guaranteed to tighten your groups. With easy-to-turn target dials and an extremely close-focus adjustment, that X-ring doesn’t stand a chance.

What do serious shooters want most in a scope? Plain and simple; outstanding performance in low-light conditions and an incredibly tough, lightweight design. The VX-3i delivers this and more. Our Twilight Max Light Management System lets you see details others can’t in those crucial low-light situations at the beginning and the end of the day. Everything we put into the VX-3i is there to help you tag out.


  • Durable Lens Cover
  • DiamondCoat 2
  • 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton Waterproofing
  • Generous Eyebox
  • Twin Bias Spring Erector System
  • 3:1 Zoom Ratio
  • Extended Focus Ring (EFR)
  • One inch Maintube
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Leupold Scope Cover
  • Alumina 2.5" Lens Shades
  • Twilight Max Light Management System
  • CDS Target

A field functional and durable bikini-style lens cover is included for excellent lens protection both in the field and while in storage.

Exterior lens surfaces are treated with DiamondCoat 2™, an ion-assist lens coating, for higher light transmission and the greatest level of abrasion resistance we’ve ever offered. DiamondCoat 2™ has the additional advantage of assisting in light transmission, for greater brightness, clarity and contrast, and will prove its worth in the wildest places on earth.

Features our exclusive, proprietary Argon/Krypton gas blend, which nearly eliminates the effects of thermal shock, and reduces the diffusion of gases sealed inside your scope even more than our proven nitrogen technology already does.

Get on target faster so you can take the shot of a lifetime.

Even at higher powers, the longer eye relief and generous eyebox provides incredible head position latitude, edge-to-edge brightness, and a full clear sight picture that fills the eyepiece completely.

The twin bias spring exerts up to 30 percent more holding force on the erector, virtually eliminating erector system backlash and stress on the vital internal workings of the scope, for longer life.

A versatile 3:1 zoom ratio erector system that is ideal for a wide range of situations.

Use the extended focus ring to adjust parallax as close as 10 meters and out to infinity.

Ultra-lightweight 1-inch maintube provides weight savings, durability, and a classic look

Only use the highest quality domestic, aerospace-grade aluminum is used.

A durable Leupold Scope Cover is included to protect your valuable VX®-6 riflescope during transport or when not in use. Made of water-resistant, nylon-laminated neoprene.

These 2.5" lens shades can be threaded together to create custom lengths. Models will fit 2004 and newer riflescopes.

See more in less light with Twilight Max Light
Management System

- Adds up to 20 extra minutes of shooting light
- Eliminates 85% more glare-producing stray light than
- Premium edge-to-edge lens clarity

Tall Capped Target adjustments can be engraved through our Custom Shop to match your ballistics.

VX-3i 6.5-20x40mm EFR CDS Target Options

  • $974.99

    Target Dial System

    Fine Duplex Reticle

    Matte Finish

    Parallax Adjustment: Extended Focal Range

    SKU: 170885

    No longer for sale

More Product Info & Specs

Weight (oz) 17.80
Linear FOV (ft/100 yd) - Low 14.30
Linear FOV (ft/100 yd) - High 5.60
Linear FOV (m/100 m) - Low 4.80
Length (in) 14.50
Linear FOV (m/100 m) - High 1.90
Eye Relief (in) - Low 5.00
Eye Relief (in) - High 3.70
Eye Relief (mm) - Low 127.00
Eye Relief (mm) - High 94.00
Objective Diameter (in) 1.60
Weight (g) 505.00
Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA) 49.00
Windage Adjustment Range (MOA) 49.00
Length - A (in) 14.50
Illustration - C 2.90
Illustration - D 2.30
Eyepiece Length - E 3.20
Objective Length - F 4.70
Objective Diameter - G 2.00
Eyepiece Diameter - H 1.60
Tube Diameter- k (in) 1.00
Mounting Space - B (in) 6.50

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