STD Tikka T3/T3x 2-pc Base/1" Medium Rings

STD Tikka T3/T3x 2-pc Base/1
STD Tikka T3/T3x 2-pc Base/1

Product Information

Leupold's steel Dual Dovetail bases and rings are one of our strongest mount systems, designed for large caliber rifles with high recoils. The twist-and-lock action of the rings ensures a strong connection with the one or two-piece base.


  • 2 Piece Bases (Mounts)
  • DD Bases (DD Mounts)
  • Dovetail connections (DD Mounts)
  • Guaranteed For Life
  • Punisher Tested

2-Piece bases fit right and left-hand actions, and reversible bases are available for many actions.

Dual Dovetail Bases accept all Leupold rotary dovetail rings.

Dovetail connections at both front and rear provide a rock-solid mounting platform.

Guaranteed to perform for life, backed by our lifetime warranty.

Each scope design has to survive 5,000 impacts on the Punisher, Leupold’s recoil simulation machine. The force of each impact is 3x the recoil of a .308 rifle. If the scope doesn’t perform in any way during the tests, we make adjustments to the design and test it again.

STD Tikka T3/T3x 2-pc Base/1" Medium Rings Options

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    Matte Finish

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Ring Diameter (in) 1
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