Show Notes

LIVE from Shot Show 2018, Leupold CEO Bruce Pettet welcomes new Leupold partners - Team Drury. Mark, Terry, Matt and Taylor Drury are passionate whitetail hunters and experts on the species. They also host the award-winning show THIRTEEN, where they share their hunting methods and whitetail knowledge.

In this podcast, the Drury’s discuss the common threads they share with Leupold and their connection to the hunters they interact with. Talking about their hunting tips and tricks helps their fans become better whitetail hunters, which is their number one goal. Leupold and the Drury’s also share a deep understanding of what it means to Be Relentless, as Terry recounts his horrifying experience falling 17 feet from a tree stand. He suffered fractured ribs, vertebrae, and an ankle, and he also bruised a lung. As bad as it was, he pushed through the pain in order to get back outside for whitetail season a few short months later.

Along with being relentless, Leupold and the Drury’s share a passion for creating epic moments. Leupold’s 700 American team members work tirelessly to ensure that each optic holds up to whatever punishment hunters and shooters can dish out, while striving to innovate with every new product that’s released. This innovative spirit led Leupold to develop its Twilight Max HD Light Management System, which helps hunters see better during the first 15 minutes of the day and the last 15 minutes of the day – when animals are typically most active. This technology also reduces glare, creates outstanding contrast and resolution, and improves light transmission for better color consistency.

Taylor goes on to explain her perspective on women who hunt and the recent innovations that have taken place in the outdoor industry – aimed at embracing female hunters. She also describes the bond that’s formed between friends and family who hunt together; a bond that even led her to meet her future husband.

Bruce also had the opportunity to hunt elk with Matt Drury last fall in Utah, their first hunt together, where Matt got to test Leupold’s Custom Dial System (CDS) for the first time. Despite the terrain, wind, and weather, Matt was able to take down a nice bull elk, proving to him that the Custom Dial System’s effectiveness is unmatched and that a Leupuold CDS can make any rifle scope easier to use.

Matt was also able to assist Leupold with an anti-poaching effort in South Africa, furthering the partnership between the two.