Show Notes

Theis first episode of the Leupold Core Insider podcast was recorded live from the Leupold Optics booth at SHOT Show 2018. Leupold's Lucas Burt sits sat down with Fred Eichler to discuss completing the North American Superslam, his epic encounters in the wild, and more. 

The Superslam is the “Everest of bowhunting” and includes harvesting 29 species in North America., and Fred achieved this featit with using a nothing more than a recurve bow. It took him a number of years to complete, but his relentless pursuit of the Superslam and intense mental drive kept him going, which are just a few of; a the intangibles you need necessary skill when hunting to seal the deal on a Rocky Mountain sheep hunt aton a 13,000 feet foot mountain.

So it’s understandable that Eichler’s pursuit of the Superslam has led him into some fairly dangerous situations. For instance, he found himself in Alaska caught between a grizzly bear and her cubs. Luckily, , when his guide stepped in, and fired off a pistol well-timed shot, andto scared off the grizzlybeast. He was also charged by a leopard in Zimbabwe during a hunt until, when it was brought down with a shotgun by his guide, eventually landing dead at his feet.

In quieter times, Tthe Eichler’s live and farm at their ranch in Colorado and also run an outfitting business, allowing Fred to meet people from all over the world. He has guided for high-profile players in the hunting industry and average Joe’s alike, but the one thing that remains the same is his relentless pursuit of epic moments.