Counterfeit Warning

Consumer Alert

We strongly recommend against purchasing optics purporting to be Leupold products from,,, and, among many others.

Leupold® is issuing a consumer alert to purchasers of Leupold riflescope products, particularly via internet sales, in regards to counterfeit Leupold products that are illegally imported from the People’s Republic of China. These fake products bear many of the trademarks and trade dress of current Leupold & Stevens riflescopes, and are sometimes difficult to distinguish externally from authentic Leupold products.

Common counterfeit scopes purport to be Mark 4 riflescopes, VX-III riflescopes, Prismatic riflescopes, CQ/T riflescopes, LCO sights, and Deltapoint Pro sights. These counterfeits are regularly returned to us for service due to failures; however, counterfeit products are not manufactured by Leupold and are not covered by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. We do not provide service for counterfeit products.

How to Check for Authenticity

All Leupold riflescopes are given an individual serial number. Counterfeit scopes often use a fake serial number, all identical serial numbers, or incorrect numbering convention. If you find a scope that is suspect, simply write down the serial number and call 1-800-LEUPOLD to ask if the scope is authentic. In most cases, we can confirm a scope’s authenticity by its serial number.

Leupold riflescopes are all designed, machined, and assembled in our Beaverton Oregon manufacturing facility. We do not have any other riflescope manufacturing facilities or offices anywhere in the world. So if you come across a Leupold riflescope being shipped into the United States from China, it is a very likely a counterfeit.

We encourage all consumers to protect intellectual property and combat counterfeits by reporting suspected counterfeits to or by sending us detailed information using the Ask a Leupold Expert form and selecting “Counterfeit Issue” for the “How can we help you?” question.

To request a return or service, please