Thermal Troubleshooting

Common Issues

My LTO product is not highlighting what I would expect it to.

Cause: The LTO Trackers and Quests use automatic algorithms to color the image you see. The results are influenced by many factors, and may color or highlight the image in ways you do not expect.

Solution:Following these steps will improve the quality of the image you are shown:

All LTO Tracker and Quest Products:These units automatically color your image based on the warmest and coldest objects in your field-of-view. In the “Hi-“ highlight color pallets, objects that are in the warmest few percent get a red/orange color to quickly identify the hottest items on the display. Ways to improve the coloration of your image include:

  • Angle the unit down so the sky is not included in the image. The sky will register as very cold, and sometimes cause the unit to display everything else as very warm.

  • On the LTO Tracker series, you can increase the magnification. This will reduce the field-of-view and allow the unit to use its available colors more effectively.

  • When interpreting the image, realize that any difference in color is a difference in temperature. If you can see a distinct shape, even if it is a very similar color to the backdrop, it is an object of a different temperature.

LTO Tracker 2 and Tracker 2 HD:These units color your image in the same way as described above, but also offer Beacon Mode. Beacon Mode is used to set the temperature threshold and customize what is identified as a highlighted color pallet. This feature allows you to see better in warmer daylight conditions. To use Beacon Mode:

  • With one of the highlight palettes (Hi-white, Hi-black, Hi/Lo green) selected, point the unit at a surface that is at ambient temperature, such as the ground or foliage.

  • Press the left-most button. This will highlight the warmest spot in the current image, and set that temperature as the threshold for highlighting.

  • Now, whenever you view an object warmer than the "beaconed" temperature it will be highlighted in red/orange.

I cannot identify the object I’m looking at with my LTO product.

The thermal sensors used by most consumer thermal products are relatively low-resolution compared to the camera on your cell phone. The LTO Tracker, Tracker 2, and Quest feature a 206x156 pixel sensor, while the LTO Tracker HD, Tracker 2 HD, and Quest HD have 320x240 pixel sensors. You should not expect to see small details at long range with these products. As an example, a deer standing in profile should be detectable out to 250 yds on the non-HD models, or out to 300 yds on the HD models. Beyond that distance, or on smaller objects, you are more likely to see a small hot spot and should follow up with a binocular or spotting scope to identify it.

I’m missing lens covers or other parts for my LTO product.

Our Technical Service team can mail out any user-installable parts for your Leupold LTO. Give us a call at 1-800-LEUPOLD to speak to a technician and place your order. Internal and integral parts such as lenses are not user-serviceable and cannot be mailed out. If your LTO product has damaged integral parts, please return it for service and repair.