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The Hunt gives you the chance to find a pair of Leupold Performance Eyewear before they hit stores. The idea is simple; we had some of our partners and friends hide Leupold Performance Eyewear across the U.S. They supplied us with the coordinates. Now, it’s up to you to find them. The map below will help you narrow your search. If you’re lucky enough to find a pair, make sure you click on the “I Found A Pair” button below the map to enter your info, so we can update the results. (Map updates every hour once claimed. Pairs may be found before the map updates. Goodluck)

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You just found a pair of performance eyewear that is guaranteed to outperform in harshest conditions. Please fill out the form below, so we can update our map and share your success with the rest of our fans.

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Follow the Core for Clues

Every hiding spot should be open to the public, but the small, gray cases might be tricky to find. Follow these Leupold Core members on Instagram for clues on where to look. Good luck.

Alex Templeton

Amanda Caldwell

Amir Bichay

Aron Snyder

Austin Land

Beau Baty

Becky Yackley

Bert Sorin

Big Chino Outfitters

Black Rifle Coffee Co.

Brandon Palanuik

Brian Call

Casey Harbertson

Cole Kramer

Colion Noir

Cory Staniforth

Curt Geier

Dave Brinker

Donnie Wilson

Drew Estell

Drew Hopkins

Drury Outdoors

Emily Perreira

Eric Sydow

Eva Shockey Brent

Frank Peralta

Fred Eichler

Garrett Addison

Heather Miller

Jason Phelps

Jeff Helm

Jess DeLorenzo

Jon Pynch

Josh Reeves

Kyle Lamb

Les Welch

Leupold Optics

Luke Brandquinho

Mike Massey

Mychal Mitchell

Nick Kravitz

Nick Schmit

Peter Muennich

Randy Newberg

Rihana Cary

Scotty Lago

Sean Lundy

Sierra Langbell

Steven Drake

Taryn Weigandt

Taylor Drury

Wade Robinson

Weatherby, Inc

Wentz Bros Outdoors

Wes Robinson

Whitetail Venatic