QRW2 1-in Low

QRW2 1-in Low

Product Information

Detachable mounts, crafted from durable steel. The updated industrial design gives you more contact with the base for added stability and easier installation.


  • QRW Mounts
  • Cross-Slot Base Rings
  • Bases for many popular rifle models available. (mounts)

QRW mounts bring Leupold® accuracy to the cross-slot format. They feature steel detachable accuracy mounts that are based on the familiar cross-slot design. Use the QRW™ mounts to achieve detachable accuracy.

Our cross-slot base rings are engineered specifically to match up with cross-slot bases. We recommend you mount these incredibly stable rings on firearms such as tactical shotguns with built-in mounting rails.

Bases are available for many popular rifle models.

QRW2 1-in Low Options

  • $121.99

    Black Finish

    SKU: 174064

  • $121.99

    Matte Finish

    SKU: 174065

  • $121.99

    Silver Finish

    SKU: 174066

More Product Info & Specs

Weight (oz) 4.8
Height (in) .73
Ring Diameter (in) 1
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