Mark 4 IMS 30mm

Mark 4 IMS 30mm

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One piece IMS mount for 30mm Rifle Scopes. Extremely durable lightweight aircraft aluminum. Perfect height and eye relief for AR Flattop rifles. 4 screws for each ring top that seat into steel inserts.


  • Mark 1 Rail (IMS Mounts)
  • Mark 2 Rail (IMS Mounts)
  • Mark 2 Rings (IMS Mounts)
  • Mark 4 IMS Screws (IMS Mounts)
  • Mark 4 Line (IMS Mounts)
  • Mark 4 Versatility (IMS Mounts)
  • Mark 6 (IMS Mounts)
  • Mark 8 (IMS Mounts)

The Mark 1 Rail slides into place and the living hinge easily clamps to the rifle with two Torx T-15 screws, providing an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to risers that do not push the scope forward.

The Mark 2™ Rail provides the same advantages as the Mark 1, with the added benefit of ½” keeper nuts for quick-release removal and return to accuracy.

Mark 2 Integral Rings are available in 1” or 30mm diameter, eliminating the need for separate scope rings or risers.

¼-32 screws hold any of the inserts or optics to the Mark 4 Base with rock-solid dependability, while allowing additional extension for various weapons system and optic combinations.

The Mark 4 line takes versatility to the extreme, providing modular components for interchangeable adaptability.

Use the Mark 4 Base in conjunction with the 20-MOA Integral Rail insert, 1” Integral Ring insert, 30mm Integral Ring insert, or to securely attach the Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T® or HAMR™ directly to the firearm.

These Mark 6 34mm mounts are ideal for mounting Leupold Mark 6 scopes, or any other 34mm maintube riflescope.

These Mark 8 34mm and 35mm IMS Mounting Systems are regulated under ITAR.

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