Illum. Impact-23 MOA


Illum. Impact-23 MOA
Illum. Impact-23 MOA

Reticle Information

  • Patented Leupold design
  • Incorporates the MOA (minute of angle) measurement system, with a grid style pattern
  • Features 1 MOA hash marks on horizontal and vertical posts
  • Wind hold dots are spaced 2 MOA apart
  • Every fourth line is numbered with the MOA value for quick reference points
  • Vertical grid extends down to 23 MOA
  • Makes initial and follow up shots straightforward with a large number of well defined aiming points
  • Red illumination for contrast in low-light situations
  • 1 MOA is approximately 1 inch at 100 yards
  • Intended to be used on highest magnification in a rear or 2nd focal plane scope

Detailed Reticle Info

Products with a Illum. Impact-23 MOA Reticle:

VX-6HD 4-24x52 (34mm) CDS-TZL3 Side Focus



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VX-6HD 4-24x52mm



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