Reticle Information

  • Designed by Horus Vision with serious shooters in mind
  • Utilizes a MIL based system
  • Featured in our tactical spotting scope line
  • Grid style reticle provides precise aiming points for bullet drop compensation and wind correction
  • Builds off the H-32 by incorporating a measuring/ranging feature on the left hand side
  • Hash marks are in 0.2 MIL increments
  • Grid measures 10 MILs wide and 10 MILS tall
  • Open upper half of the reticle for observation and spotting
  • Numbered lines makes for quick line identification
  • Makes calling shot corrections straightforward with a large number of well defined aiming points
  • Best utilized with a rifle scope featuring one of our MIL based reticles

Products with a H-36 Reticle:

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