300 Blackout

Illuminated & BDC

300 Blackout

Reticle Information

  • Designed specifically for a 300 blackout round in conjunction with Advanced Armament Corp.
  • Based on the extremely popular CMR2 reticle
  • Features hold over points for both sub-sonic and supersonic rounds
  • Designed for a 100 yard zero distance
  • Sub-sonic holdovers extend to 400 yards while supersonic holdovers go to 900 yards
  • Red illuminated semi-circle for great contrast in low-light conditions and fast target acquisition
  • Semi-circle has a 7.5 MOA outer diameter and a 5 MOA inner diameter, with a 0.5 MOA center dot
  • Includes wind holds up to 15 MPH
  • Front focal reticles enables full function of the holdovers throughout the whole magnification range

Products with a 300 Blackout Reticle:

Mark 4 MR/T 1.5-5x20mm


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