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Leupold riflescopes are built for the most demanding shooters. So make a few more demands. Different dials, a custom finish and laser engraving. If you can imagine it, the scopesmiths who make the world’s finest shooting optics can probably make it happen. So be the guy that just isn’t satisfied with off-the-shelf; Demand the Leupold you’ve always wanted.

Custom Finishes

screenshot of Custom Shop websiteWhether you want a scope that showcases your personal style, favorite color or that flat-out looks awesome, the Leupold Custom Shop can make it happen. Choose from a number of solid or faded anodized color finishes with the purchase of any new scope through the Leupold Custom Shop.

Adjustment Dial Changes

cs_02Adding target-style adjustments to your scope is just one example of the adjustment dial options you have from the Leupold Custom Shop. We can install the dials of your choice on almost any Leupold scope, including the Leupold Custom Dial System (CDS).

Ballistically Matched Dials

screenshot of Custom Shop websiteYou know your rifle, riflescope, load, and ballistic like nobody else. Now you can have custom Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) dials made specifically for your Leupold riflescope. We can use your ballistic data to create a precision, laser-engraved dial that allows you to adjust for bullet impact at extremely long range.

Ballistically Matched Reticles

cs_01To give your long-range accuracy an extra boost, the Leupold Custom Shop can create a reticle using your ballistic data that is matched to your specific rifle and load. The result: a whole new level of customization for unrivaled confidence.

Laser Engraving

Custom Dials - Custom ShopTo make you riflescope truly unique, the Leupold Custom Shop can give it personalized laser engraving. Let everyone know who owns the riflescope with engraving on the turret or objective bell. Or give it a classic touch with a three-letter monogram on the adjustment covers. You can even feature an image of your favorite animal.

Custom Shop Scopes

Get your hands on limited runs of popular Leupold riflescopes that were discontinued in the past, like the FX-II 3x20mm Big Bore, FX-II 6x33mm Compact, FX-II 8x40mm Adjustable Objective Target, VX-3 3.5-10x40mm Adjustable Objective, Mark AR MOD 1 .300 Blackout and more.

Visit the Leupold Custom Shop to start designing the scope of your dreams.

Retrofit Your Leupold

We don’t just work on new scopes. The Custom Shop can upgrade your current Leupold riflescopes, too.

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