RX-Fulldraw 3 with DNA Laser Rangefinder

RX-Fulldraw 3 with DNA Laser Rangefinder
RX-Fulldraw 3 with DNA Laser Rangefinder

Product Information

Built with the bowhunter in mind, the new RX-FullDraw 3 gives you the advantage you need to tag out every season. And with ½ yard accuracy, there’s no second-guessing your distances. The RX-FullDraw 3 rangefinder also features our unique Trophy Scale, so you can easily gauge an animal’s size while you’re ranging it to make sure it’s a shooter. This extremely fast rangefinder also ranges out to 1,300 yards, so even if you’re too far to take the shot, you’ll know how much distance you need to close in order to seal the deal.


  • 6X Magnification
  • Armor Coated
  • Built-In Inclinometer
  • CR2 Lithium Battery
  • DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fully Multi-coated
  • High Light Transmission LCD
  • Quick Set Menu
  • Scan Mode
  • Select from three different reticles
  • Trophy Scale
  • True Ballistic Range (TBR)
  • Line Of Sight Distance
  • Waterproof

6x magnification gives you plenty of power, while maintaining a wide field of view to track game on the move.

The durable housing is shrouded in a easy-grip rubber armor coating that provides a positive grasp in all conditions

The RX series rangefinders have a built-in inclinometer with TBR that can calculate the ballistic range to your target, then display it as a holdover aim point, an MOA adjustment, a Milliradian adjustment, or the equivalent horizontal distance.

Powered by the readily available CR2 lithium camera battery, the RX-Rangefinders with DNA feature a convenient battery power indicator.

Our next generation rangefinder engine with DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) delivers increased accuracy, speed and range.

Our ergonomic design ensures our products are slim, lightweight, and fit well in your hands no matter what size they are.

A fully multi-coated lens system ensures a bright, pristine image.

LCD allows for 60% light transmission.

Get the settings you want fast with the Quick Set Menu®. The one-handed controls make RX® rangefinders easy to use in the field, even when your hands are sweaty or the weather is at its worst.

Continuous range updates in Scan Mode keep you on target as you track movement or scan an area.

Offers three different reticles to choose from: Plus Point™, Duplex, and Duplex with Plus Point.

Select RX models let you instantly and accurately judge the width and/or height of a target using the Trophy Scale feature. Once the baseline Trophy Scale value has been saved, the Trophy Scale bracketing system will automatically adjust to changing distances to the target. Trophy Scale™ lets you know if your target measures up.

True Ballistic Range® (TBR) technology accounts for incline, range to target, and your ballistics information.

Line Of Sight Distance (LOS) accurately gives you the straight line distance to the target.

Tested to extreme climate conditions and guaranteed to be completely waterproof.

RX-Fulldraw 3 with DNA Laser Rangefinder Options

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More Product Info & Specs

Weight (oz) 7
Linear FOV (ft/1000 yd) - High 325
Linear FOV (m/1000 m) - High 105
Twilight Factor High 12
Length (in) 4
Length (mm) 102
Eye Relief (mm) - High 14
Angular FOV (degrees) - High 6
Weight (g) 198
Width (mm) 36
Height (mm) 64
Width (in) 1.3
Height (in) 2.5
Min Range (yd) 6
Measuring Accuracy at Under 100 Yards (±YDS) .5
Max Range - Reflective (yd) 1300
Max Range - Trees (yd) 1000
Max Range - Deer (yd) 900
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