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Vendetta 2 Archery Rangefinder



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  • Angle Compensation (Vendetta)
  • Bow Mounted (Vendetta)
  • Compact Size (Vendetta)
  • LED Display (Vendetta)
  • Laser Dot Alignment (Vendetta)
  • Legendary Toughness (Vendetta)
  • One Touch Continuous Scan (Vendetta)
  • Trigger Activated (Vendetta)

The Vendetta automatically calculates incline/decline, distance to your target, and bow-specific ballistics to deliver the most accurate measurement possible. Our patented technology gives equivalent horizontal distance for precise shooting on an incline. No guesswork involved, just range and shoot.

The universal mounting system of the Vendetta mounts to the riser on any modern compound bow, and can be mounted for both right and left-handed bows. The durable aluminum mount easily adjusts horizontally and vertically, and the ball joint allows for further fine-tuning when mounting.

At less than 10oz and just 3” tall, the compact Vendetta will not adversely affect the weight of your bow or your visual field. You get a big time advantage in a compact package.

The LED Display is specially engineered for excellent visibility under any lighting conditions.

Easily sync your Vendetta with your pins with the integrated sighting laser. Zero a target with the pin of your choice, then align the laser dot with the same target. Now you’re “zeroed” and ready to range quickly and accurately.

The Vendetta lives up to Leupold’s legendary standards for rugged durability. A durable polycarbonate body protects it from the elements, not to mention the bumps and knocks that inevitably happen during a typical hunt. You’ll be ranging with Vendetta for a good long time, we guarantee it.

With one-touch continuous scan, simply hold the trigger pad down and continuously range an animal as it moves. No need to guess distances or work from pre-ranged markers. You get an accurate range every step of the way.

The ergonomic pressure trigger pad mounts comfortably on your bow grip. This provides a natural hand position for instinctive easy activation with no excessive movement.

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