Ballistic-Rated Materials vs ANSI Z87.1+ Certification

Every pair of Leupold Performance Eyewear is made from ballistic-rated materials. We use shatterproof lenses that are crafted to the same standards as our legendary sporting optics. The lenses eliminate distortion and enhance clarity, all while providing impact protection.

We combine the shatterproof lenses with frames that are made from the most resilient NON-METAL materials on the market (TR90 & TR90 NZZ). Rugged, lightweight, and flexible, our frames maintain their structure under stress and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Like all Leupold products, our Performance Eyewear is designed to never let you down.

The only difference between our ANSI Z87.1+ certified eyewear and our other styles is the curve of the frame. To meet the strict safety standards needed for ANSI Z87.1+ certification, the eyewear must provide sufficient protection against side impacts. Knowing your eyewear’s “base curve” is one way of determining how much side impact protection it may offer.

Ballistic-Rated Materials

If a style has a 6 base curve, it has a flatter design and doesn't wrap around the side of the face. ​


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179097 Katmai Angle


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179101 Becnara Angle

Ballistic-Rated Materials + ANSI Z87.1+ Certification

If a style has an 8 base curve, it will wrap around the side of the face and offer protection from the side.


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179095 Packout Angle


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179092 Switchback Angle


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179090 Tracer Angle
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