Kenai Spotting Scopes

When you're hunting wide-open spaces, the all-new SX-2 Kenai™ is a High-Definition spotting scope at an appealing price. With a premium, 80mm objective lens, the SX-2 Kenai delivers generous light transmission and provides a sharp, clear picture with impeccable color reproduction. The 25x - 60x eyepiece is right at home targeting big game across open prairie or spotting varmints at long range. Inside the magnesium body, BAK4 prisms and fully multi-coated lenses work to provide unparalleled light transmission, edge-to-edge resolution, and definition. The new SX-2 Kenai HD spotting scope is built for the long haul. Don't go afield without it.

Kenai Spotting Scopes

Length Weight Close
Focus Distance
60.00x 80.00mm 14.00in 58.50oz 11.80ft $1,124.00
60.00x 80.00mm 14.00in 58.50oz 11.80ft $1,299.00
60.00x 80.00mm 15.00in 58.50oz 11.80ft $1,299.00
60.00x 80.00mm 14.00in 58.50oz 11.80ft $1,124.00
N/A 0.00mm 0.00in 0.00oz 0.00ft $1,249.00
N/A 0.00mm 0.00in 0.00oz 0.00ft $1,249.00

Index Matched Lens System

A Leupold® exclusive, this system has nearly perfected Leupold’s already impeccable light management. Leupold engineers specify different coating materials for each lens surface in the riflescope, based on the lens’ index of refraction, placement and function, layering each coating to eliminate reflections and maximize light transmission. The result is unparalleled brightness and extremely sharp resolution across the entire visual field.

High Definition

Look for extremely vivid color, life-like clarity, and higher overall performance thanks to the calcium-fluoride lenses. Another added advantage of these non-lead based lenses is that they’re lighter in weight.

Synergy Built

Synergy Built binoculars and spotting scopes bring together every aspect of design, sourcing, engineering, production, and quality control into a cohesive unit. By definition, Synergy Built optics are greater than their individual parts, and suffice it to say the sportsmen and women who put a set of Synergy Built optics to their eyes are the utimate winners once again.

Smooth Focusing

Twist Up Eyecups

Tripod Ready

Retractable Lens Shade

Balanced Design (Kenai)

Two Eyepieces With Every Scope (Kenai)

100% Waterproof and Fog Proof