Long lost friend, left to elements, found.


Hunting can be very hard on our equipment, even harder when you accidentally lose it in the middle of nowhere. The chances of you finding again being slim-to-none! Well this is our success story!

My husband and his brother were out hunting, on the south end of our ranch, while I was hunting at a different area. After dinner we met back up all empty handed and hungry. My brother-in-law was in a bit of a “mood” and I asked what was wrong besides the fact that he had blown a sneak up on a deer. He had lost his rangefinder that he had just bought a couple of weeks before. We searched everywhere we thought they could be, and any place we thought they could have “walked” off to. End of season comes and goes, and we can’t find his rangefinder.

One day in July, the next summer, we were working cattle by the corral system, that they had started hunting from, and I see something weird in the dirt. I walked over and found a dirty and beat up rangefinder that still work!

During that winter we had gotten several feet of snow along with multiple rains during the spring and summer. They were dropped within 25 yards of the water tank which is a high traffic area for the cattle. So it possibly could have gotten stepped on. It was a very pleasant surprise. So thanks for making such great products that handle the elements!

Submitted by: Sarah G.