Honor in the American Way

About 8 years ago, I purchased a set of Leupold 10×50 binoculars for my work. Being a wildland fire fighter, the ability to see what is coming our way is extremely important for saving lives and property. When I purchased the binoculars there was a short mention of the life-time Leupold binocular warranty, which I just blew off, because of the way companies do business these days. They always find a reason to not stand behind their product.

Last week, I went into town to purchase another set of binoculars. After almost an hour of looking, I settled on a pair of Carl Zeiss brand binoculars. I had always wanted a pair.

While there, I told the salesman about what had happened to my Leupolds, and he reminded me of the life time warranty. When I got home, I spoke with my wife and she talked me into sending them in to be repaired, just to see what would happen.

I was very surprised when I checked the mail today.

I did not get my old binoculars back, instead there was a brand new pair of 10x50s, still in the box with no questions asked. Long story short: Leupold is the only optic I will buy from now on. They are a company you can trust, to do what they say. They kept me out of trouble with my wife, because she now has a set of hand-down Carl Zeiss.

Thanks again, Leupold, for your HONOR IN THE AMERICAN WAY.