Great Binocular Customer Service

As a commercial General Contractor, customer service is something I value very deeply. I’m often disappointed at how easily busy owners, suppliers, or subcontractors will loose a customer in the effort to save a few dollars in the short term. I’ve always set my standards extremely high when it comes to pleasing my customers and I feel that anyone else involved in my projects should feel the same way. Very often, this isn’t the case; the mistake I make is using myself as a gauge to judge others.

This brings me to my point for writing this story: on two occasions I’ve sent my Leupold product back to Leupold and on both occasions I received a brand new pair of binoculars back. This was all done with zero headache or hassle whatsoever. I will always be a Leupold customer and I will always tell this story to others when the opportunity presents itself.

Thank you for keeping integrity alive!