Amazing Service

I recently had an eye cup break off of my Wind River (Imported by Leupold) binoculars. I didn’t necessarily consider this a manufacturers defect but hoped that Leupold could fix the problem, even if that meant paying to have them do so. I sent the binoculars in with directions to contact me to let me know how much the repair would cost.

I received an email from Leupold as soon as they received my binoculars letting me know that they would be done within 7 days. They said nothing about cost. Within about 6 days I found a box on my porch. In it were a brand new pair of Leupold Binoculars that had all of the features of my old binoculars and then some.

I’ve always found Leupold optics to be very high quality for the price, but still comparison shopped the other brands before purchasing. Because of this experience I will be buying a new Leupold scope for my shotgun and I won’t be doing any comparision unless it’s between two different Leupold models.

Having told this story to some friends, they are digging their old broken optics out of the closet to see if the manufacturers will back them the way Leupold backs their products. I’m guessing they will not be as happy as I am.

I’m not usually a “brand-loyal” kind of person but this experience has made me a Leupold customer for life.