The Big Oops.

I recently purchased a VX-3L 4.5-14x56mm LR scope. While hunting, I dropped my rifle. It landed upside down on the scope breaking the  flip-up scope cover. I was so mad, I forgot and didn’t re-zero the  scope, just putting it away. Yesterday, Nov. 30th, the last day of rifle season in Michigan, towards the end […]

Leupold optics, my old friend

I recently sent in a 20 plus year old pair of Leupold binoculars for repair. The lenses had been knocked out of alignment, rubber coating almost worn off, focus wheel missing a cover, you get the idea. I had carried them from Maine to British Columbia to new Mexico and they never once let me […]

A Gun, A Scope, and a Beautiful Young Lady

I had the opportunity to do senior portrait photography for this amazing young woman who is my senior representative. She asked me if I minded if she brought her gun for the photo shoot. I thought it was pretty awesome, we live in a densely populated area where most our children are avid hunters, some […]

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