New Reticle Viewer

Leupold Reticle Viewer Tool

We knew we’d start something in 1962, but who could have anticipated the sheer amount of ingenuity, innovation, and utility that would come of our invention of the Duplex Reticle? From solid and true wire reticles like the Boone & Crockett reticle, to our etched glass Circle Plex reticles, or any of the 70+ types, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. We’re taking the intimidation out of finding the perfect fit with our new Reticle Viewer.

Leupold Scope Finder can now filter and search by reticle.

Fully integrated into the website, and our Rifle Scope Finder, the new Reticle Viewer enables you to view the full breadth of our offerings, as well as narrowing down into specifications. Need a non-illuminated, ballistic drop compensated reticle option in your riflescope? Use the Scope Finder’s new reticle filtering tools. Own a 300 Blackout reticle, but need subtension information? The reticle details will serve you printable information to bring to the range with you.

Here’s here how it works:

Step One:

Click on a Find A Reticle link, located throughout the website, or on a product detail page. You are now in the Reticle Viewer. From here you will see all of the Reticles we offer. Click on a Reticle name to view details.

Step One of the Leupold Scope Viewer Information

Step Two:

Once in the detail view, click on the “Products that have this Reticle” link to enter the reticle finder, or click on the Subtension info link to see the reticle subtenstions.

Leupold Riflescope Reticle Details can then be seen

Step Three:

If you selected ‘Product that have this Reticle”, you’ll be taken to the Scope Finder tool, prepopulated with the rifle scopes which have the selected reticle as an option.

The Scope Finder displays riflescopes with the corrisponding reticle


From here you can compare scopes, and the features associated with the selected scopes. Or, you can click back to finding another reticle.

Responsive Design

What if you’re at the range, and don’t have access to a desktop computer? No problem. The Reticle Viewer, like all of our properties, is mobile responsive. Meaning: the information will look good, and be easy to use, using any mobile platform or smartphone.

The Leupold Reticle Viewer is designed to be Mobile and Tablet responsive