Leupold Pro Team

  • Jim Shockey


    CELEBRATING 30 YEARS WITH LEUPOLD Jim Shockey has dedicated his life to being a great steward of the great outdoors. He’s an award-winning writer, wildlife photographer/videographer, guide, and outfitter. His hunting experiences include travel to the remotest, wildest, and most beautiful reaches around the world. Jim has hunted in more than 40 countries and on […]

  • Doug Koenig


    CELEBRATING 20 YEARS WITH LEUPOLD As a world-renowned competitive shooter, speed and precision have defined Doug Koenig’s career. He’s the ultimate competitor, constantly honing his craft. His work ethic and dedication to being the best have made him an ideal member of the Leupold Pro Staff, and we’re proud to celebrate 20 years working together. […]

  • Jessie Duff


    Competing in five different shooting disciplines, Jessie Duff continues to rack up world and national titles. Her recent victories include the Bianchi Cup and Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships.In addition to her competitive shooting, Jessie is an avid whitetail hunter and has hunted Cape Buffalo in Africa. She has been featured on several TV […]

  • Benny Spies


    Benny is one of Leupold’s newest professionals. He brings an energy that makes hunting fun and exciting, and shares his experiences to give the world an honest look at the passion behind people who love the outdoors.

  • Eva Shockey


    Daughter of legendary hunter Jim Shockey, Eva has made a name for herself as a proud, female outdoors enthusiast. Her passion for conservation and adventure—as well as her infectious energy—makes her universally popular and a respected TV personality.